Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Planning for Next Year: Book of Lists

I enjoy learning more about homeschooling.   My grandmother who recently passed away last year continues to inspire me.  She took Belly Dancing and Bar Tending in her 70's and 80's. She went to different lectures on topics up until her death at age 95.  Once she  told a friend who did not want to go to a topic," What are you going to have to contribute if this topic comes up in conversation?"  I believe he was speechless. 
For me a great source of homeschooling information is the public library.  I went to the 371's in non fiction  and looked around on the shelves.  I found  The Homeschooling Book of Lists there.  I think it is worth a look from your library.  It is from 2008 so it is not the most up to date resource out there, but I did enjoy looking through it. It talks about many topics in homeschooling briefly.  It is a good springboard for learning new things.   
I also learned  they have a web site called the Homeschooling Link.   It is a resource I was not familiar with.  I just started to explore the site, and learned quite a bit.   I think my Grandmother would be proud of me.
Enjoy the week

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