Portfolio Assessments

Updated for 2021-2022 School Year!  

Welcome! I complete narrative assessments for Ohio homeschoolers. The Assessments are portfolio reviews by myself, a certified teacher, that fulfill the Ohio Home Education requirement for 3301-34-04 Academic Assessment Report Option #2.

Please sign up for a day to have your portfolio to me for review   I will release dates for February 1- March 31 after January 10, 20222.  In the spring I will release dates for later in the year.  Please check this link to see what is available. https://ohiohomeschoolassessments.as.me/  Please note I am only using a sign-up system this year.  You must sign-up to have a portfolio review. 

Please also note there are more home educators this year.  Please sign-up early to guarantee a spot. You may also send your portfolio in earlier than your sign-up date especially if mailing by postal mail.   

Your next step is to  download the Freestyle for unschoolers, the Self Reflection for K-8th grade, OR the Self Reflection for High School for families who follow a subject curriculum. Anyone is welcome to use the Freestyle if it works better for their family.  I ask that you fill out the documents, prepare the documentation, and sign them.   Please send copies of work samples as I do not return work samples if sending by postal mail. Please email me for an instruction sheet ohiohomeschool@gmail.com that tells you where to mail your documents, tells how to send the documents electronically, and answers other questions. I also have online guides.  Please email me for more information. 

 Please note the Freestyle and Self-Reflection  are a simply guides to help you through the process.  I developed them to help families create portfolios.  If you have a way you love to present a portfolio let's talk. 

 If you have trouble with the downloads, please email ohiohomeschool@gmail.com and I will email them to you. Below are links in Google Documents. I am happy to help you so please contact me with any questions.
Becky Boerner

Freestyle in Google Documents
Self Reflection for K-8 in Google Documents
Self Reflection for High School in Google Documents.
After Clicking and getting there you need to do the following. 

If you click on the arrow button on the left hand side of the page you can download the file. 
If you click on the print button you can print it out.

If you can not access these files please email me and I will send you the files. I am happy to do that! 
I also have an online form.  Please write me for a link. 

The pricing for 2022 portfolios (1) $42, (2) $72, (3) $102, (4) $122, (5 or more) $150.

I accept PayPal, Check, or Money Orders (Contact me for more information. Many families send me checks or money orders through the mail. )

I am having trouble with my PayPal button at times.  Please try this link to pay if you have problems. 

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