Monday, October 25, 2010

Why I love homeschooling

Our contest is still going on through this Sunday. If you have not already told us why you love homeschooling or given us a highlight you still can.
I was reminded why I love homeschooling just three weeks ago. Though it is a happy sad story. My grandmother passed away two weeks ago and she was 95 years old. She was very active till about 6 months ago, and a part of my kids lives. She was one of my biggest cheerleaders and adored my children. The last month of her life she was sick and mostly sleeping. One afternoon I took my children over to say goodbye. They had been wanting to see her one last time, and it was hard to know their last memories would be of her lying in bed. By a miracle two days later she rebounded in the morning. My mom called me to tell me to come over quickly with the kids so they could see their great grandma awake. I packed all 6 kids in the van and quickly drove over. Their great grandma was just thrilled to see them and they were so excited to get to see the great grandma they remembered. She talked to each of them, held their hands, and told them how much she loved them. It was the last time they saw her.
I was reflecting on how if they had been in school that Wednesday they would have missed out on seeing her awake. She went to sleep after seeing them and never woke up again. My kids had one last chance to see her and we were available.
That is why I love homeschooling. We are available to live life.
Let us know why you do.
Thanks for reading.