Thursday, June 30, 2011

Planning for next year: All through the Ages

We are trying to finish up our planning for next year.  I discovered this resource that I really like.   It is called All Through the Ages by Christine Miller.  I bought it it directly from the publisher Nothing New Press.  They also have an ebook version.  I noticed one of my favorite homeschool stores, Lamp Post Homeschool Store,   carries it too. 

It is a very helpful book for planning your history curriculum.  All Through the Ages is a compilation of over 5,600  living books and great literature arranged by chronological era, geographical region, and reading level from many  sources.   We like it with the many levels in our home. The book has a code system in the beginning as to where to buy the book she recommends. There are enough choices that you library is bound to have some of them.  

 If you follow this link and scroll to the end of the page you will see a link to PDF file that is an example from the book. I highly recommend this book.  I am going to leave you with a quote from her web page
Happy Planning.

from the web site.

All Through the Ages by Christine Miller is a guide for teaching and learning history using literature rather than textbooks. Textbooks make history boring, but history is full of excitement, adventure, and heart-wrenching drama. Bring the “story” back into “history” by using this exhaustive guide to over 7000 of the best in quality historical narratives, historical fiction, literature, and “living books”! With nothing more than a library card, parents or educators can effectively teach their children both World and American history using this guide. It doesn’t matter whether the children are pre-readers or college-bound seniors; books of every reading level are included for every era, from picture books and beginning readers through the great books of Western Civilization. The author is a college-educated homeschooling mother of three with thirteen years’ experience, who compiled this guide in response to the overwhelming need for an organized one-stop resource for teaching history using the literature approach.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Both Sides of the Barn Giveaway

I have been enjoying Home Educating Family magazine for the past year or so.  I really enjoy the articles and so does my husband.  They are having a giveaway where you can enter to win a 1 year subscription to Home Educating Family magazine, The Journey Home  ( Franklin Springs production),  the book Besides Still Waters by Tricia Goyer, and The Well Planned Day Planner.  
If you click here it will take you to a web page to enter.  Good Luck!

Enjoying Summer,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Fun: What we are reading

There is something about summer reading. Maybe knowing you can read outdoors, the light by your window is better, or staying up longer to read because the days are longer. It is just fun.  My kids are keeping track of books and minutes read this summer through our local library. They are very committed to winning, and getting prizes. I am fairly certain they got this from me.

So,  I have asked my kids to share what they are reading.  My son NB just finished The Coral Island.  This was his first Ballantyne book and he really enjoyed it.  It was a great adventure.  My son CB just finished The Seven Professors of the Far North. My daughter SB has been enjoying the Elsie Dinsmore series, and Marmaduke . My son JB is reading the  Biscuit storybooks, Dog's Don't Wear Sneakers, and The Bob Books set 2. 

My youngest daughters have enjoyed being read The Bee BookThe Quilt Story, and Pierre the Penguin.  

I just finished Dancing with Max by Emily Colson.  I loved it.  The best read on Autism I have read in a long time.  I highly recommend it.
So tell me what you have been reading??

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Fun: Origami clock

My son made this Black Forest Cuckoo-clock out of origami.  It is made by a 12x120 inch piece of paper.   We thought it might inspire you with your origami from our previous post.  Happy Folding!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer Fun: Pen Pals

There is nothing like getting mail!  Especially the kind that involve stamps, envelopes, and paper. I have found that my kids are intrigued by it even in our electronic world.    My kids rush to the mailbox when they are expecting a letter, and excitedly rip open envelopes they receive.   This summer we have taken on  a few pen pals, and are enjoying our correspondences.   The following I hope will give you some ideas.

How do we find our pen pals?  We asked a homeschool co-op friend who was living out of town.  We found another person in the same program one of my kids is in.  Sometimes we write our cousins.  Grandparents are always wonderful pen pals.

What if I don't have anyone I know?  A young woman  started the Friends of Ida web site.   From the site "Friends of Ida is a community program in which younger members of the community pair up with elderly 'buddies' in an effort to develop a close bond between the two groups. The volunteers learn about history from the perspective of people who saw it all, while their buddies get to relive their childhood in these young people "  It is based in California, but I believe anyone can participate.

How do you keep it fun?  I like to buy fun stamps from the post office.  We also decorate paper or send pictures.  We buy local postcards to send. 

The part that I love as a mom is that my children practice their writing skills, review letter format, and practice addressing an envelope.  But, I keep that under my hat as my grandmother use to say, and just encourage them to check out the mailbox.  

Happy Writing!
PS If you are really adventurous.  You can join the Postcard Geography program. I did this with my classroom many years ago.  My guess is they will open registration in August.  The program fills quickly so put it on your calendar. They do accept homeschoolers.  Expect to send a great deal of postcards.   Enjoy.