Monday, March 25, 2019

Update on Life

I wanted to provide an update on our lives.  Many of you remember how our middle son was diagnosed with cancer in August of  2017.  He was in remission and had been doing well. 

He went in for a routine scan last Thursday(3/21).  They found a tumor on my son's spine that had grown since his last scan in December 2018.  As you can imagine it was like a sucker punch. Within 24 hours he had a PICC line in and the next day started chemo again.  We are a little shell shocked, but moving forward.  If you would like to keep up with our family you can on Caring Bridge.  

I am still planning on completing assessments.  I enjoy what I do and it is a big help to our family.  You are welcome to send in your assessment at any time.   Please click here for more information.  

I appreciate your continued support of our family.  

Becky Boerner

Friday, March 08, 2019

All Things Green $25 Amazon Give-Away!

Spring is on the way!  I am starting to see green buds.  In honor of green I am having a contest.  

I am going to be giving away  TWO Amazon gift cards to celebrate all things green.  Maybe you can use it for a new book, some music, or a movie you have been wanting to see.  Celebrate Spring!  

I am also running a bonus contest again. I am trying to build my book blog, Becky's Bookshelves.   I am running a contest there for another $25 Amazon Card and you are welcome to enter.  So many chances to win!

Good Luck!
Rules: The contest is open to anyone I can send an Amazon online gift card to. Please know I VERIFY all winning entries. If you need help please email me.  

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Friday, March 01, 2019

Homeschool Planet (repost)

When two of my friends who quite honestly are vastly different told me that they used Homeschool Planet I thought that was interesting.  I should have stopped right at the moment and realized that this was something I needed to take notice of.  Instead, I foolishly delayed looking into it.

But luckily, I am no longer foolish.  This spring I took the plunge and did a free trial of Homschool Planet.   Within 3 days I purchased a year subscription which they added on to my 30 day trial.  It changed my life. Truly!

The Homeschool Planet is an online planning, calendar, and scheduler.  It is a way for you to post the lessons that your students need to complete AND more importantly at my house, know whether people have actually completed them!

I love this!  I pull up my view and say things like. . . Why is math not completed?  I am confused as to why you have not done that for two days?  Hmm, it looks like you will be doing math on Saturday.   I also say things like, WOW!  You completed all your work today. Look at how close we are to the end!  I am so proud of you!

The other part that has been powerful for my students is that it has the feature of moving all the assignments forward.  My students began to understand that not doing something adds it on to the end of the year.  It was a good visual reminder.

You can also add music practice, track grades, put your vacations in, send your students an email with their assignments, and much more.

So this would be a great time to try a free trial.   

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