Monday, March 26, 2012

Math Programs I have Loved. . . . Math U See

    Most people seem to know about Math U See.  It has worked well for my son who is on the Autism Spectrum.  It has really helped him to learn math.  He is doing much better as he progresses through the program.  It is not a program that I would have personally liked as a child, but it seems to be a good fit for many students.

    The positives I see in the program are as follows.  First, you get DVD's which have Steve Demmy the founder demonstrating the lesson.  If you are not comfortable teaching math or just want your child to see someone else demonstrating a lesson, this is a powerful tool.  He has a lovely voice and we refer to him as the "happy man" at our house.  He has a great math attitude.  Second there are a limited number of problems on each page.  If you have a student who is overwhelmed by math this is great.   There are also many pages of practice and review in each lesson.  You can review them all or stop when your student has the concept.  A positive for some is that he shows many different ways to solve a problem.  He is really trying to accommodate different learning styles. 

    In my opinion if you think this is a program you would like to try, I would borrow this program first.  It is a commitment to a whole different way of thinking.  Which is good, but you want to know what you are getting into.

Happy Problem solving!!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Home Science Tools

Just this last year I discovered Home Science Tools.   I think they are a wonderful company with many wonderful science products.  They have many projects, dissection specimens, microscopes, and science related gifts for your student.  Many of the items are designed for use in a home, so you do not have to order 10 of this, or 15 of that. 

But to me the most exciting thing they offer is complete science kits for home-school curriculum. They offer kits for Apologia, Alpha  & Omega Life-Pac, Bob Jones, Christian Light, Monarch, and A Beka.  They also have kits for D.I.V.E., Real Science for Kids, and a few more. 

We bought a kit for the elementary Apologia experiments.  It was well worth it.  This way when you get to an experiment you have what you need. 

I also like to buy my kids science kits as gifts.  They seem to enjoy the fun of putting these together and learning something new.

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of spring!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Math Programs I have Loved. . . . Miquon Math

A few months ago I found a set of Miquon Math books at a thrift store.  It was quite a moment in thrifting history.  Now to tell you why I was so excited and why I like this math program.

I was first introduced to this program through Sonlight.  They recommended using it.  I was intrigued and bought one for my son.  I love this math program, because it is how I want to think, and want my kids to think.  It is the type of program where you  experiment and try to several different ways to do 3 x 3.  (3+3+3; 3x3; 27 x 1/3) You use manipulatives, find patterns,  and you experiment with math.  I enjoy working through the pages with my kids.

Their site describes the program in the following way:

Based on the belief that mathematical insight grows out of observation, investigation, and the discovery of patterns, the six workbooks of the Miquon Math Materials lead children through an exploration of mathematical relationships. Concrete models are not supplements to the written work but instead are the basis of it and are used continuously.

It just speaks to me.  But, it has not spoken to all my children.  My daughter who uses Teaching Texbtooks was annoyed by all the experimenting.  She wants to complete her math and be finished.  My son on the Autism Spectrum did not really like it either.  Just so you know.

It is a low cost program.  You could start with one book to see if it would work for your kids.  This part of the series is for grades 1-3(1-4).  They also have a Keys to Program.  More about that another time.  They have some downloadable forms on the web site you can check out as well.

Just some more math thoughts.  Have a great day!


Monday, March 05, 2012

Keep Filing. . . Binder for Veritas cards

We use the Veritas History and Bible cards.  They are a great fit for our family.  But, the cards have driven me nuts the last few year.  I tried punching holes in them and using binder rings.  The cards ripped forcing me to give inspirational talks to my children on how to handle them correctly.  By November my talk was losing some of its appeal both to me and my kids.  

This year I was lucky enough to find this blog that described how their family organized their Veritas History and/or Bible cards.  I was so excited, my husband who greatly appreciates organization was thrilled, and my children were happy to not hear another talk on the proper care of cards.  These binder and sheet protectors can be purchased from .    The specific ones I used were the 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 memo size. 


My binders.  I love the organization!!