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Bigger kids now.
My name is Becky Boerner. I am married to a wonderful man named Jim who is very active in our homeschooling. (He enjoys making excel charts!) We have seven children that we have homeschooled for the past twelve years. We have three children through adoption and four by birth. Our children have given us experience in working with the gifted and profoundly gifted, high functioning Autism/Aspergers, learning challenges, and typical kids.

I have a B.A. in speech communications from Miami University (OH) , a teaching certificate from Kennesaw State University, and Masters in Reading Education from Miami University. I have taught in two National Schools of Excellence-- a private Christian school and a public school in Cobb County Georgia.  An interesting fact about me is that I am a  descendant of educator Noah Webster. I grew up with a copy of his dictionary in my living room. 

 I  enjoy homeschooling and encouraging families in the home education of their children.  I feel  I have a unique perspective being both a homeschooling mom and Ohio certified teacher.  I have been offering assessments through Ohio Homeschool  since 2010 and have completed over 1,500 in that time.

I blog about what I am learning on our homeschooling journey.   I enjoy sharing resources I like,  scheduling and how to fit it all in, and remembering why I homeschool.  I try to publish once a week.  You can sign up for email updates under "Email Blog Posts."  You can follow me under"I would love it if you would follow my blog publicly. Please click on "Follow" below." I also publish a newsletter 3-5 times a year.  I share contest information and my portfolio schedule.  Look under "Quarterly Newsletter( I tell you about give-aways through this)."
 If I can help your family please contact me at ohiohomeschool@gmail.com .

 We love books and Ikea shelves.
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