Friday, April 29, 2016

Quizlet. . .such fun.

I learned about Quizlet in one of my classes. Quizlet is basically online note-cards.  But, it is so much more.  It allows you to practice with the note-cards, play games with the information on the  note-cards,  and test on the information on your note-cards.  Below is a screen shot of Quizlet with things you can do with First Form Latin virtual note-cards.

 But, the other great thing about Quizlet is that with the search function, you can search to see if other people have already created note-cards for what you are studying.   I have found already made note-cards for Apologia Biology, Memoria Press Latin, and other Memoria Press books.  It would be worth it to check. My kids have enjoyed using the information to study material.  
Have you ever used Quizlet?  Do your students use note-cards?  

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Winners! Ohio Homeschooling Guide

I want to thank everyone who took the time to enter the contest!  The five winners are listed below!  If you are sad you did not win, you can still purchase the book from the link below.  Thank you for your support of Ohio Homeschool Assessments!  

I get many questions from families on how to start home educating in Ohio, about field trips, and available resources in their area.  I had the privilege of connecting with Renee Brown and reading her book Ohio Homeschooling: Guide & Directory Here is a summary of what is included in her book as listed on her web page. 

· Homeschool Legalities
1. Requirements for Home Education
2. Sources for legal assistance, if needed.
3. Academic Assessment Requirements, Options and How-To’s.
4. Recent changes to educational laws regarding home education.

· Enhancement Opportunities
1. Homeschool Co-ops, Support Groups & Meet up groups.
2. Enhancement Class Options


· Field Trip Destinations
1. Arts, Business & Industry, Farms, Nature Centers
2. History, Sports, Zoos and more.

· Homeschooling Methods
1. Teaching Styles
2. Learning Styles
3. Curriculum options designed for specific styles.

· Additional Support

1. Statewide Support Organizations
2. Local Retail Stores
3. Online Stores
4. Used Curriculum Sources in the State
5. My Favorite Curriculum
6. Online Support

I feel this is an AMAZING resource for families home educating in the state of Ohio!   Renee answers your questions and provides great resources to help you with your home education journey.  Renee tells you how to get started on Home Educating.  She walks you through the process of notifying your district to home educate in Ohio step by step.   She talks about different assessment opportunities in Ohio, and includes a link to my blog. 

 Her resource pages are filled with field trips around the state, local groups, and how to choose the best curriculum for your family.  This is the guide I wish I'd had when I started home educating years ago.  I found several organizations and resources in my area that I had not heard of.  She has done excellent research from which you will benefit immensely.

Please know I verify entries.  If you need help email me.

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Renee Brown provided a copy of OHIO Homeschooling Guide & Directory for me to review.  I gave you my honest review, and was not required to give a good review. This post contains affiliate links.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Using Google Maps. .

I have been learning more about Google lately and their many products.  I wanted to share some ways to incorporate their products into your home education. Over the next few months I will share some.

Google Maps is one of my new favorite resources.  You can travel not only down the streets of of the world, but inside some major landmarks.

Maybe travel to Machu Pichu.  Explore these ancient ruins by clicking on the Pegman Icon and hovering it over the ruins.  When the areas  shows up in blue when you hover over it drop the Pegman Icon and explore below.

Explore the Pyramids, Westminster Abby , or maybe the Sea of Galilee. 

My favorite is to explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art like Jamie and Claudia did in The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.   You can have your students find places they visited in the museum.  Very fun.  Especially in winter. 

Exploring Google Maps can take you places!
Good Luck!

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Who Controls the Textbooks??

I think in theory most of us know that we are in charge of our home education.  We make plans, we decide what to study, and we tell the textbook what to do.  Well. . most of the time.  Sometimes I think we let the textbook decide what is best for our students.  We let the text decide how many problems our students need to do for mastery of a math concept, we let the text decide what stories are good to read, how much grammar should be included, and when our students should take a test.  In a way we give the text book authority in our lives, and it comes with enough stuff to keep us all busy.

Back in my Reading Masters program  I remember having this discussion with one my professors in our class.  He said that most of us will trust the text book over our ability to teach our students.  We will listen to what it says without questioning.  I was fascinated with that.  I am a rule follower and it is easy for me to follow the rules of the text book.

Knowing this about myself so  I try to modify how I deal with my math texts, and some other ones.

1. In Math if there are too many problems I  have my student do just the even numbered ones or just the odd numbered ones.  Some kids need a great deal of practice in some areas and less in others.  The textbook is just a resource.

2.  I remember that I do not have to do every question, activity, or suggestion in the book.  There is no textbook police.

3.  I do not have to finish the text book.  I remember my first year teaching I thought I did have to finish the Social Studies textbook.  I made sure we covered all 50 states in the text.  If the students wanted to work more on a state I said no . . we must finish all 50.  We trudged through.  I remember telling one of the other 4th grade teachers and she said.  "Wow, really??  We have never finished a text. "  I remember thinking, really??  I appreciated her for her wisdom. 

4. Textbooks and books can be wrong. I can disagree with them.  

5.  If a students knows the materiel I can have them take an end of the unit test and if they do well skip that section of the text.  Or we can just decide to. 

6.  I try to remember that I know my students' needs better than the text.   So do you!  

Do you feel the need to follow the text?    Let me know.