Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Have I told you about my TV. . AKA . . .Audio Listening. . .

   We have had the same TV since 1996.  I thought we were all unique until I started talking to other homeschoolers.  Apparently, this is a trend.  We are all waiting for our old analog TV's to die.
   Oops, now I'm straying from my topic.

  Some time ago I started buying audios for my children to listen to.  It was in lieu of TV.  I thought I would share some of our family  favorites with you.

  Jim Weiss has many wonderful audio CD's.  Here's his company, Greathall Productions.  The first homeschool convention I attended he was next to speak in the auditorium that I was in.  People started filing in and seemed very enthused to see him.  I soon discovered why and sat on the edge of my seat as he wove his storytelling magic.  You can view his work by subject, age, and in chronological order.

We are also crazy about Adventures in Odyssey.  My children are glued to their audio players while listening to this.  We had a virtually silent car from our doorstep  to the parking lot of the Field Museum in Chicago.   You can download some episodes for free at the web site.  They also can be purchased through CBD or Library and Education.    My husband and I are always surprised at how involved we become in these entertaining episodes.

We also love Your Story Hour, The Jonathan Park series, and Lamplighter Theater.

Do you have any others you love?  Let me know.  I am always looking for more audios.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Places to Shop

What would you say if I told you my UPS man's name is Mike, and my children wave to him as he drives down the street, or runs a package to my door?  Or if I told you the postal worker who delivers my mail stopped and admired our new son for several minutes with my children and I a few weeks ago?    Well, I am a believer in online shopping.  My theory is why would I want to leave my home when one of the lovely people I know will deliver almost all I need in a brown box to me? 

I wanted to share some of my favorite sites with you.

Rainbow Resources   They have everything homeschool.  Their catalog is the size of a large phone book, and looks like one too.  They have books, toys, games, Cd's, DVDs. . . etc.  Their prices are much lower than other web sites.

This is my new favorite place.  Library and Educational Services.    They have great deals on books, Cd's and DVDs.  They run specials and have deep discounts.  You must declare yourself as a homeschooler to order.

Better World Books.  Oh I love this place.  They sell used books.  They have a bargain bin with books 3 for $10 or 4 for $12.  They have free shipping and have special sales to clean out their bargain bin.  They also give money to their literacy partners.  Fun to check out.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome # 7!

It has been a busy winter here, and we are taking a spring break.  We added a son to our family at the end of January.  He is very well loved and never lacks for attention. 

 The joke around here is "It is finally noisy enough for the baby to fall asleep."  We think we are very clever.  

Have a good week!


Monday, April 02, 2012

Math Programs I have Loved. . . . ADD Math

Another resource I enjoy using is ADD Math.  (Arithmetic Developed Daily. )  It is a program that you complete about three times per week.  It starts in grade 1 and continues through grade 5.  The idea is to review all math skills during the year.  Each day you complete a few math problems, an oral problem, and a word problem. One day you will do problems with  money, another day measurement, and maybe another day probability.   You review all math strands throughout the year in a more consistent way.    It helps our kids to retain their math skills, and become better problem solvers.

ADD math teaches a specific method for solving  word problems.  For each problem you write out the information, second you decide which operation to use, third you write a math sentence with a box in place of the answer, and lastly you write the answer.  It is a nice way to systematically teach children how to solve word problems. You also are introducing the concept of solving for an unknown.

GROW publications also has daily reinforcers for science, social studies,writing and reading.  I find ADD math a great way to supplement my math program.