Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some fun things I learned about this summer. . .

The great part about reviewing portfolios is that I am exposed to so many wonderful ideas!  I learn something every summer as I review students' work from across the state of Ohio. They have amazing people supporting them as they learn at home.  I wanted to share a few things I picked up this summer.

I am absolutely crazy about this Twist 'n Write pencil.  It works on improving a child's pencil grip. 
It has helped out daughter tremendously with her handwriting.  Definitely worth the money. 

I enjoyed exploring the Knowledge Quest web site.  Some interesting history and geography curriculum.  They also have Apps for your iPad.

I had not heard of ScootPad before.  It is an interesting way to review materials in all subjects. It comes as an App and a download for Windows.    There is a free and paid version. There are some nice printable reports that make great work samples. 

Lastly, this is my new favorite resource for high school.  This is a blog post with over 12 Dozen Places to Educate Yourself Online for Free.   This is an excellent resource with many courses you could use to create a class for your high school student.

Have a great week.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lois Ehlert

The author for October is Lois Ehlert!  Her books have amazing pictures including work with collages, window pages, and bright colors.  This is her newest book: RRRalph.

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When I was searching for information on Lois Ehlert I came across several of her interviews.  Here is an interview with Lois Ehlert about her creativity.  Here is a blog post with several crafts, interviews, and other linked blogs that highlight Lois Ehlert. I have a Pinterest Board with more ideas.

I plan on reading the books Leaf Man and Red Leaf, Yellow to talk about fall and make some nature pictures.

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So enjoy October and Lois Ehlert!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

History Pockets

We have really enjoyed Evan-Moor History Pockets this year.  We used both the ones for older grades and the ones for ages 6 and up for Ancient Civilizations.  They are very easy to use. Below are the projects we have worked on last year.

We worked on Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Greece.  I used folders for the pockets to store the work.  The kind you get cheap during back to school sales. 
Ancient Rome.  My daughter felt like we needed to jazz up our display with some crayons.

The History Pockets  are a great way to learn history. We used Ancient History in the examples above.   They include vocabulary, dress, and architecture.  My first and third grader loved them.  The older kids enjoyed joining in some of the activities in the Ancient Egypt Book. 

You can also buy a yearly subscription to through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.  You can access all of Evan-Moor teaching books and activities all year.  You can download and copy what you need as you need it.  I have enjoyed having it this last year. 

~ Becky

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Planning for Next Year. . .Pinterest

I have been working on my Pinterest Board for a few months now.  I am hoping it is a place where home educators can stop by and find an idea or inspiration.   I have preschool, math, reading, science ideas, and history boards.  I also created a board for Charlotte Mason resources.   I am trying to put blog posts from here on there.

So, please stop by for a visit.  Maybe you will find a little inspiration.

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