Friday, April 29, 2016

Quizlet. . .such fun.

I learned about Quizlet in one of my classes. Quizlet is basically online note-cards.  But, it is so much more.  It allows you to practice with the note-cards, play games with the information on the  note-cards,  and test on the information on your note-cards.  Below is a screen shot of Quizlet with things you can do with First Form Latin virtual note-cards.

 But, the other great thing about Quizlet is that with the search function, you can search to see if other people have already created note-cards for what you are studying.   I have found already made note-cards for Apologia Biology, Memoria Press Latin, and other Memoria Press books.  It would be worth it to check. My kids have enjoyed using the information to study material.  
Have you ever used Quizlet?  Do your students use note-cards?  

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