Monday, March 12, 2012

Math Programs I have Loved. . . . Miquon Math

A few months ago I found a set of Miquon Math books at a thrift store.  It was quite a moment in thrifting history.  Now to tell you why I was so excited and why I like this math program.

I was first introduced to this program through Sonlight.  They recommended using it.  I was intrigued and bought one for my son.  I love this math program, because it is how I want to think, and want my kids to think.  It is the type of program where you  experiment and try to several different ways to do 3 x 3.  (3+3+3; 3x3; 27 x 1/3) You use manipulatives, find patterns,  and you experiment with math.  I enjoy working through the pages with my kids.

Their site describes the program in the following way:

Based on the belief that mathematical insight grows out of observation, investigation, and the discovery of patterns, the six workbooks of the Miquon Math Materials lead children through an exploration of mathematical relationships. Concrete models are not supplements to the written work but instead are the basis of it and are used continuously.

It just speaks to me.  But, it has not spoken to all my children.  My daughter who uses Teaching Texbtooks was annoyed by all the experimenting.  She wants to complete her math and be finished.  My son on the Autism Spectrum did not really like it either.  Just so you know.

It is a low cost program.  You could start with one book to see if it would work for your kids.  This part of the series is for grades 1-3(1-4).  They also have a Keys to Program.  More about that another time.  They have some downloadable forms on the web site you can check out as well.

Just some more math thoughts.  Have a great day!


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