Monday, March 19, 2012

Home Science Tools

Just this last year I discovered Home Science Tools.   I think they are a wonderful company with many wonderful science products.  They have many projects, dissection specimens, microscopes, and science related gifts for your student.  Many of the items are designed for use in a home, so you do not have to order 10 of this, or 15 of that. 

But to me the most exciting thing they offer is complete science kits for home-school curriculum. They offer kits for Apologia, Alpha  & Omega Life-Pac, Bob Jones, Christian Light, Monarch, and A Beka.  They also have kits for D.I.V.E., Real Science for Kids, and a few more. 

We bought a kit for the elementary Apologia experiments.  It was well worth it.  This way when you get to an experiment you have what you need. 

I also like to buy my kids science kits as gifts.  They seem to enjoy the fun of putting these together and learning something new.

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of spring!

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