Thursday, August 11, 2011

Planning for Next Year: Internet Safety

I found Internet Protect Your Kids:: Keep Your Children Safe from the Dark Side of Technology on my bookshelf.  It came in a package of books from a homeschool convention.  One of those books I always meant to read.  My kids are getting older and somehow it seemed more pressing.  One of my older sons is taking internet classes and I realized I needed to step it up here.

The book is slightly dated, but very helpful.  The technology has changed from 2007, but the safety issues remain the same.  We do have some measures in place in our home,  we have our online computers in the kitchen and we have the B-Secure Filter.   I think the book was a good reminder to review safety with my kids regularly.  I think the internet, wireless, and technology are such a part of their lives that I need to make technology safety issues a part of our curriculum for next year.   I felt like it needed to be more purposeful rather than just when I thought about it in between cleaning or helping someone do something.

So is there anything that you want to make more purposeful in your curriculum this year?  Now is the time to write it down and plan for it. 
Hopefully you have nicer weather to enjoy as well!


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Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

sounds great! I'll have to look into that for our family ;) as for planning- doing less of it right now..but trying to be purposeful / mindful in what i DO! :)