Friday, August 05, 2011

Fun Finds: Magnetic Board.

I had this idea for a new blog  category.  I am calling it "Fun Finds."  I love to yard sale and go to thrift stores.  I have found some great homeschooling materials when I least expect it.  I hope to post these throughout the year.    Here is my latest and greatest find.

Magnetic board easel  2 sides!  No fights. 

I found this magnetic easel at a church sale for $3.  The church had a school attached to it.  I found this on the way out the door.  I just looked over and it was calling my name.  I love how it has two sides for 2 kids to play on it at the same time.  I looked around on the web and found something similar here.    This is the same brand.  I think I did pretty well.
Happy hunting!