Thursday, July 28, 2011

Planning for next Year: Advice from my mom.

I had the realization that something had to change.  I knew that we had to loose a few time commitments  this year, but that is easier said than done sometimes.    I thought "Is it the right thing for my kids?  Will they miss out?  Will this negatively impact them?  "   Maybe you know these questions too. The kind that keep  you up at night. 

I have shared that I grew up in a family with 19 children.   I am lucky to be able to go see my mom for advice.  She is a busy lady with many plates spinning.  People often ask me how she does it, and I say "I am  really not sure."  I told her what I was thinking and she gave me some good advice.
She said, " Becky, the only regrets I have on involvement are when I had too much going on.  I then felt like I was grouchy and tired with my kids.  I encourage you to let something go."  An interesting perspective from someone what has been parenting for 40 plus years.

So think about what you can "jettison" as my husband would say.  It might make for a better year. 
Happy Planning!


  1. I think your mom gives some great advice :) although i could stand to get out just a weeeeeee bit more. lol

  2. She does give good advice. :-)
    Hoping you find a balance.