Thursday, July 07, 2011

Planning for Next Year: Links from John Hopkins CTY

I am trying to plan during the month of July.  I am searching out some new links and new ideas for next year.  We try to plan most of the year before August as it seems to make the year go more smoothly.  We do not plan in stone, but plan to give ourselves a road map.  We still take some detours and correct our route, but we try to aim for a destination.  Though that destination has a way of changing through the years.

In planning I found that the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth has some wonderful links on their web site.  If you click here you will see the main page of links.   My favorite page of links was this one.  The resource page includes links  for twice exceptional children, links to articles, and publications.  I found it very helpful.   It had a wide variety of resources that is worth checking out if you have a gifted child, a child with a learning issue, or just to learn more about what is available online in the world of learning.

I hope your road map continues to develop and become more interesting.  For me a little planning everyday is more helpful than hours all at once.

Happy Planning!

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