Friday, March 03, 2017

Time Saving Tips for Homescool Moms (and Dads)

One of the ideas for blog posts was time saving tips for home educators.  I have been turning this idea around in my head for a few days.  I am not sure if these are the best time saving ideas, but they have worked for me over the years.

1.  Your crock-pot is your best friend.  Really.  If you can get up  dump some items in this in the morning it will make you feel so much better throughout the whole day.  Dinner is cooking and you know it is taken care of.  Here is a past post I have written about my Crock-Pot.  I have links to crock-pot cook-books there as well.

2.  Have your kids help with cleaning.   Start by having your kids work along side of you.  Then gradually have them take them over on their own.  This takes time in the beginning, but is worth it in the end.  Have a list of chores that the kids are helping you with posted.  People have short memories.  Try to stop everything at a certain time of day and do the chores.  There are several good plans out there.

3. If your student is able to use a computer having at least one subject they use the computer frees up your time.    Maybe math facts, or spelling.  Research what works well for your family.  The Homeschool Buyers Co-Op has many great computer program to support your curriculum.

4.  There are hundreds of fabulous thing that you can do.  Amazing curriculum, crafts you can make, wonderful field trips to go on, and experiences for your kids.  You can not do them all no matter how hard you try.  You have to make choices.  I sit down each year and make choices.  They are hard choices.  It is easy to think more is better when sometimes more is just  more.  This year we took out an activity we loved at our home. I am so thankful that we did.  This freed up time and has allowed all of us to take a breath, and try new things.  Don't feel bad about making the choice not to do good activities.

5.  Set a limit on your social media time and media and try to stick with those limits.  This is so hard for me personally.  I love people and love to know what they are doing.  But, when I limit my time my day goes so much better.  There are apps that help you keep track of your time.  Or use a beeping timer and set it for 15 minutes and just stop!

6. Any kind of system you can create for things at your house is helpful.  For instance we have a special bag and place for library books going back.  I have a barrel for clothing that is being donated.  A place for hats and coats.  Start trying to implement one system per week.  It will help you greatly.

7.  If you can lay your student's work out the night before it will make your day go so much smoother.  I am a fan of staging for the next day.

8.  I try to make a list the night before of things I need to accomplish the next day.  That helps me have a much better day!

These are just a few.  I would love to hear from others how they save time. 


  1. Great advise! ( I love the idea of a barrel/ basket for clothes that need donated! That wold save me time!) Crock pot dinners are amazing at freeing up time too, we use ours weekly!

  2. Thank you Lori! The donation place has been hugely time saving. Otherwise the stuff was all over my house. :-) Not good. Thank you for commenting.

    1. Same here Becky! I feel like they are throwing the items that no longer fit into the dirty hampers and I just keep washing them and putting away, it is a crazy cycle of wasted time for me, so I'm implementing a donation basket in our home tomorrow ;) ps I love reading your posts, even when I don't have time to reply, I always enjoy!

  3. You are so sweet. I am glad the posts are helpful. I try to write about what I am into lately.

    It is funny how a system can make the world better in your home. I am always adding them as things change. We go through about every few months and we all sort for donations and write up the lists. :-)

    Have a good week.