Friday, March 10, 2017

Guest Post: So You Are Homeschooling a Writer by Rachelle Rea Cobb

I asked Rachelle if she would visit us and share about her new book Write Well. What thrilled me even more was that she told me she had developed a printable for home educators to assist with writing. Please welcome Rachelle Rea Cobb today to Ohio Homeschool Assessments!

Does one of your homeschool students love words?

Hi, mom. Yes, I’m talking to you. You who has a never-ending pile of laundry and paperwork that need to get done, in addition to the daily dinner prep and homeschooling checklist that never seems to be completely finished for the day before, well, you and the kids are finished with the day.

I applaud you. My mom was just like you. She homeschooled my brothers and I the whole way through, from preschool through high school. She is a busy lady, and I bet you are, too. And my mom--like you may have--had a homeschool student particularly interested in writing. (That’s me!) So you may be wondering, where do you find the time and resources to not only teach your children how to write but guide them in how to write well?

In my work as a freelance editor, I have worked with a number of homeschool students and graduates who plug writing time into those afternoon and weekend hours around their assignments and jobs. They may plan to blog, self-publish, or pursue traditional publishing. Whatever their end goal, they love words and they are searching for better ways to wield them. But what if we caught your homeschool student early, and incorporated a writing guide right into their curriculum during their early high school or middle school years?

Well, that’s one of the reasons why I wrote my most recent book, Write Well.

Write Well is a short ebook designed to guide writers through what they need to know about writing--so that they can get back to the real work, actual writing!

If you have a child or homeschool student interested in writing better, Write Well is written on a 6th-grade reading level and could fit into your middle/high school curriculum. Even if your homeschool student is not necessarily in love with writing and words, communication is a skill everyone needs in the digital information age in which we live.

After all, communication is the heart of connection, and true connection is required if we are to thrive in our family life, (future) marriages, the workplace, and every industry on the planet.

Write Well focuses on the most important aspect of all writing: respecting the reader. So if you have a homeschool student with a bent for the written word, or a student struggling to make connections with a pen in hand or keyboard beneath their fingers, check out Write Well, available in a convenient ebook form!

Please also check out my free resource, 7 Quick Fixes to Common Writing Mistakes, available for download on my website. This printable can be kept handy in your homeschool room or at your kitchen table (that’s where my family’s homeschool headquarters was always housed!) for quick reminders during writing assignments and more.

Thanks for allowing me to chat about my latest release today! Now, let’s write well!

All my best,

Rachelle Rea Cobb is a freelance editor and the author of Write Well and the Steadfast Love series of three historical inspirational novels. Before her first book had even released, she met a man with the same name as her series’ hero. On one sunny Saturday in June 2016, she married him. Both homeschool grads, they live in their newlywed nest in a corner of the South where the air is slightly salty. Rachelle enjoys blogging, all the different kinds of Oreos, and pretending she’ll one day see the bottom of her to-read pile.

You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and on her blog.


Rachelle Rea Cobb said...

Thank you very much for having me, Becky! :)

ohiohomeschool said...

Thank you for stopping by and your wonderful article. I can not wait to read your book.