Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pat Hutchins Author for October.

Our author of the month is Pat Hutchins!  She is written many lovely books including The Wind Blew.  I have enjoyed learning about Ms. Hutchins.  She does not have a web site, but her publisher Harper Collins  has a lovely biography about her. 

I have set up a Pinterest board with a few activities I have found using her books.  Her books are just so sweet and to be savored.  I enjoy reading them to my kids and love how  she uses beautifully simple language. 

Hopefully you will grab some copies of her books this month and enjoy reading them at your house.

Happy Reading!  


  1. Not surprisingly, Clocks and More Clocks was one of Levi's favorite books for a really long time. :)

  2. I wondered if that was a book Levi liked. :-) Love it!