Saturday, October 04, 2014

Time to put aside a work sample.

I am in denial.  I keep thinking that it is still summer.  That the days are still long and the leaves are still on the trees.
But it is October and we are into fall.  Which means that I have been home educating for awhile,  and I need to put aside some work samples for all my kids.

 Hopefully you are thinking the same thing.  You can date some samples and put them in a manilla folder, take a picture of the work samples with your phone and store them, and/or take a picture of a project.  The important thing is to have a sample from the beginning of the year.

So enjoy fall, and put aside some work.


  1. Thanks for the reminder, Becky!

  2. You are welcome Jerilyn! It is a reminder for myself as well! It is so easy to get busy and forget!