Monday, April 15, 2019

Guest Post: Three Organizing Tips by Lisa Woodruff

I asked my friend Lisa Woodruff from Organize 365 to share about her organizational system.  She will be at the Ohio Homeschool Convention April 25-27.  Stop by and see her at booth 1611,1613 ! I will be. 
Becky and I have known each other for years. Our journeys through adoption and advocating for our kids have had similar parallels, but I never thought I would be following her into homeschooling!

While I received my degree in teaching at Miami University, I never anticipated I would be putting it to use at home – and starting at the junior year of high school! But that is what we do as parents when we feel an educational change is what is best for our family and our children.

Becky asked me to share with you my homeschool organizational systems. I can understand why, as my year with our daughter has progressed my confidence in providing what she needs - when she needs it - has increased as well. I quickly moved from the thought of purchasing a curriculum, to making a modified curriculum myself. Within a few months we ditched that idea and I have been following her passions the past few months.

Truth be told, I’m having a blast with the curriculum we are creating. I wanted to visit all the presidential homes in Ohio so we did! I LOVE learning and am wondering how I justify these fun field trips when she “graduates”. But organizing it all – well that can be a challenge. Especially since I work full-time, albeit from home.

Here are my 3 organizing tips I have used this year to say organized with links for more detailed information.

1. Keep your ideas in ONE place.

 I have created a system for organizing all your ideas, curriculum and assessments. It is called the Homeschool Friday Workbox. It is the ONE place I drop all my notes and to dos. I go through it on Friday afternoon and plan next week’s activities.

This allows me to plan one week at a time and review our goals and objectives to make sure we are on track for graduation. My box is regularly organized which gives me confidence I will be ready when I have Becky do my assessment!

2. Keep track of your child’s medical and educational papers in a binder. 

While I am homeschooling, my kids qualify for IEPs and educational help. I have all those formal papers in a binder to take to all our medical and educational meetings.

This spring I formalized the system I created years ago into the Warrior MAMA binder. This eBook & binder system will guide you as you advocate for your child’s needs outside of your home.

3. Focus on your life long goals.

I am a highly goal-oriented person. My goals have goals. But when push comes to shove, I have had only 2 goals for the last 20 years. Goal #1 is to remain married to my husband for the rest of my life. And goal #2 is to raise independent, self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

When I am stressing out about state standards, other people’s opinions, or my own past educational thoughts I stop and ask, “Is this important for my child to become an independent, self- sufficient contributing member of society?” If not, I let it go.

Balancing the spontaneity and customization of a homeschool curriculum with the structure needed for assessments and daily life can be challenging. If you struggle in this area as the parent, why not give yourself permission to “take a class” and improve your organization. Organization is a learnable skill! You can find my free masterclasses here and listen to the Organize 365 podcast here.

I’d love to help you get organized!

Lisa Woodruff
Founder of Organize 365

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