Saturday, May 23, 2015

Walking Through Burnout 2

Last week I talked about what I did when I was burned out.  This week I wanted to share about what I did not do.
  • I did not keep looking for new curriculum or new ways to do things.  I did not research or look for anything.  I stopped getting freebies. 
  • I did not stick around when home education friends started getting in big discussions about math programs or the latest and greatest.  I found it too stressful.  I stepped away from talking about home education.  
  • I did not blame my children for being burned out.  It was me, not them. 
  • I did not worry if my children were doing enough, reading enough, or making progress.  I followed the plan and rejoiced at what we were doing.  
Stepping back was really helpful.  It helped me to get a new perspective and remember why I started home educating.  I want to enjoy the limited amount of time I have with my kids.

Hopefully something in these last two weeks was helpful for you if you are feeling burned out.  I am here to say that things are better.

photo credit: Fuego 1 via photopin (license)

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Ohiomom said...

Thank you once again for another terrific post! These last couple of weeks I found myself being overly critical about the way one of our courses was going. I was trying too hard to correct and change the way the course was going instead of going with it and trusting that our determination and openness to what we were learning would get us to where we eventually wanted to go.

When you say you stopped looking for new curriculums and new way to do things I feel encouraged to trust our homeschooling path.

Thank Becky! I love your inspiration :)