Thursday, August 11, 2016

Give-Away Ohio Homeschooling Guide And Directory (Five Copies)

Hello--A big thank you to all who took the time to enter the contest!  The contest is over, but you can still purchase Renee's book on Amazon.  Click on the book below to purchase a copy.  Thank you again for your support of Ohio Homeschooling Assessments.  

I get many questions from families on how to start home educating in Ohio, about field trips, and available resources in their area.  I had the privilege of connecting with Renee Brown and reading her book Ohio Homeschooling: Guide & Directory Here is a summary of what is included in her book as listed on her web page. 

· Homeschool Legalities
1. Requirements for Home Education
2. Sources for legal assistance, if needed.
3. Academic Assessment Requirements, Options and How-To’s.
4. Recent changes to educational laws regarding home education.

· Enhancement Opportunities
1. Homeschool Co-ops, Support Groups & Meet up groups.
2. Enhancement Class Options


· Field Trip Destinations
1. Arts, Business & Industry, Farms, Nature Centers
2. History, Sports, Zoos and more.

· Homeschooling Methods
1. Teaching Styles
2. Learning Styles
3. Curriculum options designed for specific styles.

· Additional Support

1. Statewide Support Organizations
2. Local Retail Stores
3. Online Stores
4. Used Curriculum Sources in the State
5. My Favorite Curriculum
6. Online Support

I feel this is an AMAZING resource for families home educating in the state of Ohio!   Renee answers your questions and provides great resources to help you with your home education journey.  Renee tells you how to get started on Home Educating.  She walks you through the process of notifying your district to home educate in Ohio step by step.   She talks about different assessment opportunities in Ohio, and includes a link to my blog. 

 Her resource pages are filled with field trips around the state, local groups, and how to choose the best curriculum for your family.  This is the guide I wish I'd had when I started home educating years ago.  I found several organizations and resources in my area that I had not heard of.  She has done excellent research from which you will benefit immensely.

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Renee Brown provided a copy of OHIO Homeschooling Guide & Directory for me to review.  I gave you my honest review, and was not required to give a good review. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. We usually start after Labor Day. Why let summer go to waste? :)

  2. After Labor Day when our local fair is over and kids projects are complete

  3. Starting is never the problem! Finishing, now that is another story :)

  4. So so true on finishing. :-) Thanks for commenting.

  5. I love seeing hsers come together and support one another.

  6. We started August 1 because it happened to be a Monday.

  7. That is great Ann! It is funny how that worked this year. I have a friend who starts Aug. 1 and can end before May.