Friday, August 05, 2016

Olympic Memories. . . . Atlanta 1996

I hope you are enjoying watching the Olympics in Rio.  For me they bring back memories of my time as a volunteer at the 1996 the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia.

   My husband was in graduate school at Georgia Tech and I was a teacher with the summer off.  We volunteered and were assigned to be ushers at the volleyball venue.  All ushers had shirts with gold rings. 

My husband and I before the gold medal match for men. 

We watched over 82 matches of volleyball, and became quite versed in the rules.  We also were able to attend the dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony.

 It was a great experience.   They say once you are a part of the Olympic Family you are always a part of the Olympic Family. Though, I am guessing they are not saving a seat for us in Rio this year.

Enjoy the Games!

~ Becky

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