Friday, April 17, 2015

A New Astronomy Textbook!

My children and I holding the new Textbook.

I was just thrilled to meet Gladys Kober at the Midwest Homeschool Convention last week.  She has co-written an Astronomy Textbook called The Crossroads of Science and Faith: Astronomy Through a Christian Worldview.  What impressed me about this textbook was the depth of information presented, the interviews with Astronomers around the world and how their faith interacts with their  science career, and the beautiful color pictures and diagrams.  I feel this is an excellent resource for students.  I bought the textbook, and find my son reading it in his free time.   This is the information she was sharing at the convention. I hope you find it helpful.

Statistics show that a large number of students who claim to be Christians abandon their faith during their college years.  While there may be many reasons for this sad abandonment of faith, research shows that confusion about science and faith issues plays an important role. This textbook will equip high school students to engage in respectful science and faith discussions and defend their faith with sound reasoning and confidence! 

Learn what professors of Christian Universities are saying about this textbook!

The Crossroads of Science and Faith: Astronomy Through a Christian Worldview is a wonderful educational resource for home schooling and Sunday school classes. Using excellent pedagogy, this book demonstrates that the continuing scientific endeavor to better understand the universe and its underlying laws is consistent with our Christian belief in God as Creator.  In the tradition of Augustine, The Crossroads of Science and Faith aims to convince the reader that God’s revelation is revealed, in a mutually consistent manner, both in the Book of Scripture and in the Book of Nature. The book offers a concise and accurate summary of our present knowledge of the universe. It is written in a style that high school students will connect with. The end-of-chapter questions are thought provoking and will inspire readers to re-evaluate their perceptions of the relationship between science and faith, and will likely deepen their understanding of God as Creator of our magnificent universe. I highly recommend this book!”
Dr. Gerald B. Cleaver, Professor of Physics at Baylor University and Head of the Early Universe Cosmology and Strings Division of Baylor’s Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics, and Engineering Research

This is excellent, simply excellent. I have not seen a better book about astronomy and Christian faith for pre-college students. Scientific, historical, and theological aspects are all very well written at just the right level to challenge students while helping them to meet the challenge. Christian families owe much gratitude to the authors for producing such an excellent work.”
Dr. Ted Davis, Distinguished Professor of the History of Science at Messiah College 

As someone who has taught astronomy in a Christian context at the college level, I am very excited about this textbook. The authors have done a remarkable job introducing students to the intersection between science and faith at a high level. The end of chapter questions and exercises for this material are extensive and thought provoking. Students using this text will also experience the science of astronomy in a rigorous way, complete with beautiful images showing the latest observations. I loved reading the personal interviews of so many Christian scientists, astronomers, and astrophysicists, many of whom I know personally and highly respect. Overall a great resource for students, parents, and teachers looking for an inspiring and trustworthy introduction to astronomy from a Christian perspective.”

Dr. Darren Craig, Associate Professor of Physics and Department Chair at Wheaton College

This textbook is designed to be a resource for the Christian community (for both the home
school environment and Christian schools) to teach Astronomy and introduce students to the science & faith dialog. The materials in this textbook will strengthen students’ faith and prepare them to face a secular university or world environment with confidence. It is designed to equip them to defend their faith with good reasoning and to make them ready to engage unbelievers in respectful discussions. The textbook also encourages the search for truth in every area and promotes dialogue and integration between science and faith while also offering a Christian worldview, where God is the Author, Creator, and Designer of this mind-boggling and awesome universe. The textbook includes many interviews with professional Christian astronomers that we hope will inspire and encourage students and parents alike.


  1. This seems like a good read. I will be sure to check it out once it reaches my area. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for writing! I have asked Gladys for a link to buy it. If you would like to purchase or more information Please email me and I will forward you her information.

  3. Gladys Kober will be at our local Reason to Believe meeting this weekend. Not sure I can make it, but I hope I can.

  4. I hope you can make it to the meeting Fuller. She is well worth meeting. Meeting her was a highlight for me this spring!