Saturday, August 30, 2014

H. A. & Margaret Rey Authors of the month! A. & Margaret Rey are the authors for the month for August!  They lived absolutely fascinating lives.  They were both born in Germany and also spent some time in Brazil. They both later sought refuge from the Nazis at Ch√Ęteau Feuga, an old castle owned by some friends in southern France.  As the Nazis approached Paris they both escaped on bicycles just hours before Paris fell.  They carried with them the manuscript for Curious George.  They then ended up in New York City and published Curious George.

When researching I found some fascinating resources.  The Jewish Museum in New York did an exhibit on their art.  It is wonderful to see their artwork.  The New York Times also did a piece on the exhibit and more about the Rey's lives.  The University of Southern Mississippi houses all of the papers of the Reys and has some information on their lives.

I have set up a Pinterest board with some ideas.  My favorite is this free preschool printable packet. I also love this unit study on Curious George and the Houghton Mifflin site with more information on Curious George.


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