Sunday, March 09, 2014

Improving Math Instruction: Reviewing Daily

 I just took a class on math instruction to go towards renewing my Ohio teaching certificate.  I read an interesting book for class call Accessible Mathematics on improving math instruction for all students.  One of the ideas mentioned was daily review.   Daily review of math concepts learned in the past is so important to keep our kids on track with their learning.

They book suggested spending the first 5-10 minutes of math class/time asking 5-10 questions on past learning out loud, and having the student(s) write the answer down on their paper. The teacher should include questions on measurement, math facts, geometry, money, and data representation. 

Some math curricula include a review part within their program.  A supplemental resource is Evan Moor Daily Math Practice.  Here is an example of the 5th grade review.  It has five questions per day that review math for that grade level.  

Another program is Arithmetic Done Daily, or ADD Math.  I have written about this program before, and it is one I use with all my kids.  I like the daily review plus word problems that are included. I have noticed my kids know more going into a new math topic when we are keeping up with ADD math. 

Reviewing math daily is a great way to keep our kid's math skills sharp and used.  Math is so important, and daily review is one of the ways we move our kids forward in math.

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