Sunday, August 18, 2013

Planning for Next Year. . .. Simply Charlotte Mason Web site.

I accept portfolios for review through Saturday August 24, 2013.  After that date I will accept your portfolio, but I will not write up any notes.  I will only send you what you need for your district.   I am still happy to help you after the 24th. Thanks so much. Becky

I have bought my calendar each year from the lovely people at Simply Charlotte Mason.  This year I looked around their web site and found many other great resources that I have found helpful.

They have a wonderful article on the six basic types of home education.  The article describes them and gives vendors to help you.  They also have an excellent article on what methods Charlotte Mason used. 

I enjoyed reading through their explanation of copy work, narration, and dictation.   A great site to check out to help you plan your year.


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