Sunday, August 25, 2013

Author of the month

I am still accepting portfolios.  I am only reviewing them, and sending the form you need for your school district.   Thanks so much. Becky

I am starting something new at my house.  I feel like my "littles" need some more directed author studies.  I believe there is something powerful in studying an author and reading many books by that author. You get to observe the type of writing style and look at their artwork more closely.  

I have decided this school year, I am going to do an author a month in picture books.  The intended audience of the books is PK-3rd, but my older kids love to revisit their favorites. I am going to gather the books from my personal collection and ask my local librarian to help me gather more by that author.  I am going to put them in a special tub/bin and keep them available for the month.  My hope is that by having them all gathered, I will be able to grab and read them.  I feel like personally I need to be more intentional about reading good literature to my kids.  When I ask them to grab a book we tend to read some less quality titles.  I am also hoping the older kids will read these to the younger ones as well.  

I will try to post these at the end of the previous month.  Hopefully you can join me on my journey. These are the authors I am planning on for this school year.  But, they are subject to change. I am choosing easy to find authors who have published many books.  

September- Ellen Stoll Walsh.  
October- Lois Ehlert
November- Patricia Polacco.
December- Jan Brett
January- Ezra Jack Keats
February- Bill Martin Jr.
March- Tomie dePaola
April- Margeret Wise Brown
May- Eric Carle

I hope you will join me on my adventure.  


  1. Great idea. We're doing a lot of Ellen Stoll Walsh in September, too (with color and shape review). I try to keep my bookshelves pretty whittled down to good authors, but maybe this will help me focus my library trips a little more. :)

  2. Thanks Christy. My hope is that the Author of the Month program will give me plan for the year, and focus my library trips as well.
    We are reviewing shapes and colors as well. Ellen Stoll Walsh is perfect for that.

    I just need a good mouse craft. :-)