Sunday, March 17, 2013

Language Arts Curricullum

I really like what we are using currently for language arts.  Below is a quick summary of the curriculum in our home.

For spelling we are currently using MCP  Spelling Workout the 1994 edition.  Why the 1994 edition?  I honestly am not sure.  I think we started using that one before we knew there was a difference and have stuck with it.  This link on Lamp Post Homeschooling tells about the difference between the 1994 edition and the 2002 edition in case you would like more information.

What I like about this spelling program, is that it is easy to follow, and  the words are taught in patterns, they have editing practice each week.  My kids do one page per day with a test on Friday.  They know what to do each week and they are independent with this program.

For grammar we use Rod & Staff.  I like this program.  It is a "no frills" program. The books have been around for awhile and are very reasonably priced.  For us the best part of the program is the "Worksheets" for grade 3 and up.  The worksheets are wonderful.  They provide practice for certain parts of the book.  I have my kids just do the worksheets and the corresponding lessons from the book.  It is a good fit for us, and the kids are able to complete these independently.

For writing we use Writing with Ease  for our younger kids and Writing with Skill for middle school.  When I first was introduced to this program I was not sure if it would work.  It was so different from anything that I had seen before.  But, I heard Susan Wise Bauer the author of the program speak.  She shared that this was a very different program and other would probably wonder what we were doing with our kids.  She encouraged us to stick out fingers in our ears and ignore them.  (I kid you not on this one)  She then said if the other methods of writing were working then she would see much betters\ writers in her Freshman English classes at William and Mary.

We went through the first 4 levels with my oldest 3.  They are all now in Writing with Skill.  I am so pleased with their writing.  They are able to write outlines effectively, complete story analysis, have a great knowledge of literary terms, and are completing summaries of passages. I am glad I listened to Susan. 

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