Sunday, March 31, 2013

Curricullulum: History & Literature

We use to have a saying in our house when a box arrived in the mail.  "Is that another history book for Dad?"  I tell you this upfront so you know our familiy's love of history.  The following is a short history of our history curriculum.

When we first started homeschooling we used Sonlight Curriculum for history and literature.  I really liked this.  Sonlight comes with an amazing instructor guide and a love to learn guarantee. (if this does not work for you family, they will give you your money back.)  Sonlight had many quality read-alouds.  It was all packaged and was very easy to facilitate.  I still think it is a great curriculum.

Then my husband and I went to our first home education convention.  We heard Susan Wise Bauer speak, and began to read The Well Trained Mind.  We began to embrace classical education and my husband took over history and literature studies in our home.  (Love that convention!!)  He began reading extensively and putting together a history curricullum. 

Currently we are using the Veritas Press History cards for grades 2-6, the Dorothy Miller History books and guides from Memoria Press for grades 6-8, and the Omnibus for 7-12th.   There is some overlap in grades on this chart due to the different needs of different children.  Within each of the grades the kids read many historical fiction and history books.  (Here is a post where I show how we organize our history cards.)

My husband has a chart for them each week that tells them by grade level what they should be reading. 

I believe you can click on it to see it in a larger format.  We love to get ideas for history books from the Veritas Press Catalog and website and   All Through the Ages: History Through Literature Guide
By Christine Miller, Publisher: Nothing New Press.  (I wrote a post about the book)

Just so you know, when a book-sized box comes in the mail, the kids ask, "Ancient or Modern?" 

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