Monday, February 11, 2013

Devloping a love of reading in our kids part 1

The snow is covering the ground today as I write this post.  I love how the world slows down in the winter and provides time for reading.  I have loved to read for as long as I can remember.  I love how my kids have been developing that same love.

I think in order to talk about how to help our kids become great readers, we have to think about what happened in our lives that helped to turn us into readers and lovers of books.  Today, I am going to share my love of reading journey.  I am hopeful it causes you to think of your journey.  Which in turn will help you think of how to create this in your children.

My best early memories are of my father reading to me and my brothers and sisters.  My father read with  different voices for each character.  He loved reading to us the Happy Hollisters books and the different OZ books.   He use to tell me "Books are our friends." My dad took me to used-book stores, brought home books for me from trips, and took me to the library. 

Another great influence in my love of reading was Mrs. Chamberlain the librarian at Trailwood Elementary in Kansas City, Kansas.  She brought in the author Scott Corbet to the school.  I was so excited to meet a real author.  She let me work in the library and always acted excited to hear about what I was reading.  She would walk through the shelves with students suggesting books and talking about them.

Lee Bernd taught a literature class I took in Georgia.  She was truly a delight.  She loved talking about books, and enjoyed bringing in authors to our class.  She inspired me to be a better teacher.  She introduced us to Laura Seely, Betsy Duffy(Betsy Byars daughter), and Carmen Agra Deedy.  Lee passed away  6 months after our class was over.  I was so sad to hear of her death,  but so glad that I had the privilege to get to know her that summer.  She rekindled my love of children's literature.

These are just the top three.  There were other friends and teachers along the way.  I love finding a friend who loves the same author I do.  It is an instant connection.

So, who influenced your love of reading?
~ Becky


Anonymous said...

My mom always encouraged us to read. I can remember reading every Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden book I could get my hands on in the summer.


ohiohomeschool said...

I love those books too Lisa. Parents have such a huge impact on reading with their children.

shankleona said...

My parents didn't read books, and I don't remember them reading to me, but I loved reading and going to the library. I bought lots of books for my kids, and took them to the library and book sales too. I read to them every day until they were older, and their Dad always read to them before bed. Three out of four still love to read.

ohiohomeschool said...

Leona, I think it is great how both you and your husband partnered to install a love of reading in your children. That is wonderful!!!!