Sunday, February 17, 2013

Developing a love of reading in our kids part 2.

Last week I shared the people who have helped to develop a love of reading in my life.  As home educators we have a big role in developing this love with our children.  I am going to share some ways that we do with our children.  I look forward to hearing some more ideas.

I start reading to my kids as soon as they are born, but I must admit it is easier with fewer children.  I am reading to our one year old and my husband has been reading to the older children.  We love reading Lamplighter books.  I also have my older kids read to my younger kids.  This develops a love of books in both parties.

My kids and I love to go to library book sales together, and other used-book sales together. They earn their own money now to spend on books.  I always buy a few books for them.  We also buy them new books for holidays and birthdays.  I want them to know that books are great gifts.

I take my kids to the library as often as I can.  I also have my kids ask the librarians questions when they have them.  My kids have developed several friendships with librarians.  I want them to know other people who love books.

I also walk through the stacks of books with them at the library and book sales.  I pull out books they may want, and we look for new books together.  Since those were some of my best memories as a child, I want to have them with my kids.

Lastly, we try to attend author talks or book signings.  That is a little more difficult, but we do.  I have all my books signed by authors and illustrators in a special place.  They are aloud to borrow them and put them back when they are finished. 

When I see my kids choose reading a book over TV, see them sneak off to read, or the look of excitement on their face when they get a new book, I know I am on the road to cultivating a love of books.

Next Week:  How an old student, an illustrator, and a Christmas card came together to show a love of reading. 

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