Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Reasons I home educate

When I started back this week I had one of those days  where I was wondering why I home educate.  Maybe it was as my 9 year old son crawled under the table and could not seem to locate his math book, or the looks of confusion when asked what are you suppose to be doing? The fact they we are cooped up indoors is not really helping my cause.

On Monday night I was thinking I better come up with a list, because I needed to review why I was doing this and not doing something else all day.   I have been home schooling for seven years, and for me it is a still a good idea to be reminded of why I choose to keep my kids home and educate them.  .  After making my list I was inspired and had a much better Tuesday.

So here goes. . .

1. I love having the best of my kids.  I love that they do not go to school and come home spent and grouchy.  I am privileged to spend the best times with them.

2. My kids  are becoming independent learners. . I love that they are problem solvers, and possibility people.  They love books and get excited about learning.

3.  I am so glad I am there for their "aha" moments.  It is wonderful to watch the light come on. 

4. I enjoy watching them become active learners.  They do not sit back and expect to be spoon fed information 

5. I love being in charge of my day and not having the school schedule dictate my time. It is wonderful to take a day off and enjoy the sunshine, play in the snow, or watch a rainstorm. 

6. I am glad my children can learn at their own pace.  Time is on our side. 

7.  I enjoy watching them pursue their own interests and hobbies.  I love that they have enough time to do this, and can go in depth on a topic. 

8.  I am glad my kids are developing life long friendships with their siblings.

9.  Knowing that I am an active part of the people they are becoming is a privilege.

10.  I like being a part of something bigger than myself.  I know I am shaping the future.

There you go.  These are the bigger picture pieces that I tend to forget in my day to day activities.  It was good to be reminded that when we home educate our children, we truly are a part of something noble.

Why do you home educate?



Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms said...

Making a list is a great idea. I'd have a list like yours too- including faith and character-traits.

ohiohomeschool said...

That is a great one Tracy. I forgot to add that. Character and our faith is one of the biggest gifts we give our kids. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this article!

shankleona said...

I loved reading this! It reminds me of all the reasons I decided to homeschool 25 years ago. I didn't realize I'd be doing it this long!
I love that learning is a part of every day life, not just a set amount of hours per week. The reason we need an education is to enrich our lives, not just to memorize facts that we'll soon forget. When my son is coming to me with questions at 11 p.m. (yes, we're night people!) about math, something he's wondering about another country, how to translate something into Spanish, etc., I know he's learning and loving it.