Saturday, December 08, 2012

Ready Made Preschool Update

Last July I shared a program I was very excited about called Ready-Made Preschool.   I wanted to update you on how it is going now that we are in Week 11.

I absolutely love this program.  The activities are fantastic.  All the materials that you need are right there in the envelopes provided, or in the box.  There is very little preparation involved.  I gather the supplies and share the lesson with my daughter.  She is thrilled with the program and asks every day when we are going to do her preschool program.

I enjoy watching her get so excited about learning.  She is mastering her alphabet and numbers.  But, there is another piece I did not expect to gain from this program.  The program makes me feel like a better mom.  I feel like I am not failing one of my younger children and am giving her a great foundation for learning.

Coconut tree with letters after reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Making a web while talking about "W."

Cooking Chocolate pudding for "dirt" desert while studying the letter "D."

 She has really enjoyed the variety and quality of activities.  I would highly recommend this to anyone.


  1. I just bought this today from the convention in Cincinnati. It looks perfect for my daughter. Thank you for your feedback on it. September canqget here soon enough!

  2. I saw Kate at the convention. I told her how much I loved the program. You will too! It is awesome!