Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How do I notify to homeschool?

There are so many good resources out there to help you fill out your letter of intent to start homeschooling.  I thought it might be helpful to link them here as a help.

PEACH Homeschool Network out of Dayton/Xenia has an excellent packet as well.  On pages 9-11 they give samples of how to write a curriculum outline for the year and a resource list.  I was very impressed.

My friend Lisa McAfee at Schoolmarm Ohio wrote about how to fill out the notification form.  She also has a post that explains items 6 and 7 more clearly on the notification form.

Another  resource is the HSLDA of Ohio.  They have forms and articles at their website. 

Hopefully this will get you started.  I save my form to my computer and just update it each year by adding curriculum and kids.

** Please note this post does not constitute legal advice.  It is only contains some suggestions.   **

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Becky. I am glad I am able to help. :)