Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fiber Arts

This year we have been working on a fiber arts curriculum.   We choose to use Woolworks Curriculum by Harrisville Designs.  I met the author Lorna McMaster at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in 2011.  We have greatly enjoyed all the projects and teaching aids.  We have discussed types of wool, weaving, knitting, and the history of wool.  There are many parts and we will finish it up this summer.  Below are some pictures of my children’s work.  They have had an amazing time learning this year about Fiber Arts.  
Pot Holders are favorites.  We used the Harrisville Design loom.

We have a peg loom and lap loom.  We also use a backstrap loom

I found these Knifty Knitters and they were quite a hit.  I will never have to buy hats again.
There were knitting instructions in the curriculum.  I also talked to our local librarian who knits.  She set up a class to teach my children.  They will be knitting with her all summer.  We have also dabbled in crotchet.

We have had a great time with this.  I would definitely recommend the curriculum.  The author tells you how to make many of the looms, spinners, etc.  We  also went to an Alpaca festival to observe them spin their wool, touch the wool, and enjoy seeing the animals.  


checking out the fiber

Fun times watching the Alpacas.

Maybe this will inspire you to try it out next year.  

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