Thursday, September 08, 2011

Reading Thoughts and Helps

I have enjoyed all the narratives I have read this summer.  I am always impressed by all that people accomplish in a year. As I complete narratives and talk to other homeschoolers a common theme I hear is in regards to reading is. . . .  How do I know my child is at grade level?  What do I do to make sure they have good comprehension?  My child only wants to read fiction, non-fiction, comic books etc.  I am not sure if they understand what they read.  Is there a good way to approach non-fiction texts?

I am going to spend the next few weeks on reading helps.  In my opinion there is a great deal out there on phonics programs, and decoding so I will talk only  briefly about that. This series will be on comprehension, sense of story, what do good readers do, non-fiction helps, and more.  If  there is something you would like me to cover, please leave a comment.

I think that people tend to  believe that teaching  reading stops once a child leans to decode.  I believe that is far from true, and the adventure is only beginning. So, here to our fall reading adventure!



  1. Oh I'm looking forward to this series. I'm in my 2nd yr of homeschooling and boys are kinder. and 2nd grade.

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much Tracy. If there is anything in particular please let me know. All the best Becky