Thursday, April 26, 2018

Repost: Montessori homeschool #1

Repost:  I posted this over 7 years ago.  I checked the links and they are all still good.  It is still  one of my favorites posts.  

My journey through Montessori began a few years ago.  I visited a Montessori school with a friend of mine.  I was fascinated by the equipment and the ideas behind Montessori.  I had taught full time, but had never learned of Marie Montessori or her methods.

Montessori fits so well into homeschooling.  Whether you set up an area of your home with Montessori  activities, include your children in chores, have them cook with you, or use the 3 card system of learning your kids will benefit.  Children become competent independent  people when participating in Montessori.  It is worth looking into.  Below are some of my favorite Montessori resources and hopefully they are a place to start.

My father found the book Teaching Montessori in the Home the Preschool Years at a used book sale.  I kept it on my shelf for many years before reading it and realizing what a gem it was.  The author talks about how you can use Montessori principles with your children at home.  A great book to start with.

My Montessori Journey is a fabulous blog. She lists all of her activities she has in her classroom for the week on her blog.  Many times I will use her activities with my kids.  She gives you downloads and many fabulous pictures. She has stopped blogging, but all the information is still there.

Montessori for Everyone is another great site/blog.  Their company makes downloadable materials to use in your homeschool.  Many are for sale, and their are always lots of freebies.  This a family run business and they are incredibly attentive to their customers.  I have the Elementary CD. I have really enjoyed it, and we use it in our homeschool.

Allison's Montessori is a supplier of Montessori supplies.  It is fun to look around and get ideas.  Montessori Services has a home and school side to their business.   I love their catalog!!  I would highly recommend getting it to look through for ideas. I began to realize that having my children help me in the kitchen, and teaching them chores was all part of Montessori.  I realized I had underestimated their abilities and not realized the great potential  they had.  Montessori changed my view.  I would encourage you to read about it just to be informed.  My grandmother use to talk about the importance of being informed on topics. 

Hopefully this will get you started.  My next post will show our Montessori area and some of our activities.


  1. I also suggest Michael Olaf's Joyful Child (0-3):
    and Child of the World (3-12):

    Also, the book: "How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way" by Tim Seldin.

    I'm in Columbus, where are you?

  2. Hello Tammy, What a great link! Thank you for posting. I have read the Seldin book and enjoyed it. Thanks for posting it. We are in Cincinnati. Columbus is a great city.

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