Friday, December 01, 2017

Christmas Books We Love!


Our family loves to read Christmas books.  We have  plastic totes we get out each year filled with Christmas books.  The kids love reading their favorites each year, and I wanted to share some. 

We are big fans of Laura Numeroff and enjoy reading about our favorite mouse.

Jan Brett is an amazing illustrator.  The Twelve Days of Christmas is one we read each year.

My all time favorite book is The Best Christmas Christmas Pageant Ever!  I met the author Barbara Robinson years ago at a little bookstore in Atlanta.  She was oh so delightful!  Signed my book as if it was from the Herdsman kids.  I love the video too.  Loretta Swift from Mash is the main star. 

My so, Jonathan's favorite book is Mooseltoe! He laughed so hard when reading as a little guy. 

My all time favorite book as a child.  Love Scratch and Sniff.  

I always love Patricia Pollocco.

A couple other favorites.

What are your favorites??  

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