Friday, June 03, 2016

Conceptual Academy

When attending the homeschool convention this year, one of my favorite new finds was Dr. John Suchocki  and Conceptual Academy.  Dr. John Suchocki  is a Chemistry teacher at St. Micheal's University in Vermont.   He has developed a web site to go along with his college text Conceptual Chemistry.    The web site includes course instructional  videos for free. For a small fee the classes include quizzes, chapter summaries, and exams. 

The site also features courses with texts from  Physics,  Physical Science, and Integrated Science.  Here is a list of all the courses.

My husband is a scientist and he was very impressed with Dr. Suckocki.  We attended his workshop and all of my kids still talk about the lesson he taught during the workshop. He is very engaging and I feel like you really can not go wrong if you are seeking a self study course.  The biggest price hit is the text book.  But, you are getting a recognized text book.  

LearnScience.Academy has more information for home educators on the courses and gives more details on the resources at Conceptual Academy.  It launched last week and does a better job of walking you through the process of enrolling in the courses 

Cathy Duffy also has posted a review on her web site about the courses.  I feel this is an excellent option for home educated students.  

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