Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Callie Grant: An author worth taking note of.

Over the last year I have learned about the author Callie Grant.  It has been a wonderful discovery.  Callie Grant writes board books for children up to seven years old.  Her company is called Graham Blanchard books.  Her website is filled with parenting trips, reading ideas, and ways to support parents.

Her books combine beautiful pictures with Biblical concepts. I appreciate their quality and how much my children enjoy reading them with me.  They are engaging and enjoyable.  If you have not checked them out I would highly recommend them.  Here is a collection of her books.  She also has a collection of Grown-up Tips that go along with them.

I just finished reading All of Me That You Can't See.  It is a sweet story that introduces the concept of our inner self that grows along with our outer self.  It talks to children about their heart and soul and how they nourish them through seeking truth and their faith.  The pictures and quality of the book are amazing.  I love that this book has a good story, a good message, and is visually engaging.  I highly recommend this book.
I got this book free through for my honest review.


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