Monday, September 07, 2015

FIIRST Lego League--Why you should join!

Some of my kids had an incredible time last year participating in First Lego League (FLL). I helped mentor a team called Guardians of the Brick.  The team did a great job and made it to District level.  During their first year as a team they learned to make presentations, work as a group, compromise, basic programming, and made great friends!

My other son was on the amazing team Lego Legion!  They placed third in state and went on to place at an international competition in Arkansas!  My son made great friends and really enjoyed being a part of the team! 

In FLL each team participates in Core Values, solves a problem through a Project, designs a robot and runs it through the Robot Game.  FLL is very open to homeschoolers.  Our teams are based at our co-op.  You can form a team with a minimum of two or three kids.  You can run a team in your neighborhood in your basement.  I found a great graphic that describes the program.  

 This is a great organization.  It is not too late to join.  

~ Becky 

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