Saturday, May 09, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!  Some of you know that I became a mother on Mother's day.  So Mother's Day has a special place in my heart.

As a homeschool mom we all wear many hats.  Here's to you on Mother's day.  May it be a day filled with happy moments. As home education moms we really are Everything Moms. Here is a poem that celebrates you! 

Everything Mom

How did you find the energy, Mom
To do all the things you did,
To be teacher, nurse and counselor
To me, when I was a kid.

How did you do it all, Mom,
Be a chauffeur, cook and friend,
Yet find time to be a playmate,
I just can’t comprehend.

I see now it was love, Mom
That made you come whenever I'd call,
Your inexhaustible love, Mom
And I thank you for it all.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you as well! :-)

  2. Thank you! Enjoy your Mother's Day!