Monday, February 23, 2015

Home Educating with Preschoolers Part 2

In this post I just wanted to share a couple of ideas that I have found helpful with my little ones. Maybe they will help your little ones.

A large container of uncooked beans with cups, small toys, and gadgets in it.  I am amazed at how this will keep a small child busy for some time.  It has been a favorite of all of my kids. 

Playing a yard sale game or reading a books with a sibling.

Math Manipulatives make great blocks.  For some reason those are way more fun than the other building blocks at my house. 

My kids loved playing in this bucket of water this week.  They played with plastic animals.  A great time. 

A program I love for preschoolers is Ready Made Preschool.   I have used it with my daughter and we loved it.  I have written about it here.

Kinetic sand is our new favorite toy!  It keeps our daughter busy for hours.  After about 3 or 4 they can listen to play-aways from the library.  Or do both!

 Dress-up is always great!

 Playing with Magnetic letters or shapes is fun!  Magnets can stick to a board, a refrigerator, or cookie sheets.

Would love to hear any ideas you have in the comments.
Have a great week!

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