Sunday, July 27, 2014

Memoria Press Curriculum Packages

In the last three years I have been using Memoria Press's all inclusive grade level programs called Classical Core Curriculum.     I have used this with my daughter for Kindergarten, First Grade, and second grade.  I have been extremely pleased with this program.  My daughter has become an excellent reader and has a great foundation for the rest of her school years.

This year I am using the Kindergarten, Third, most of the  Fifth and most of the Seventh grade programs.  I felt like I needed more of my children's planning taken care of through their lesson plans.  The older kids can use the lesson plans as guides and check in with me. 

Example of First Grade Curriculum.

The program is phonics based with a great deal of practice.  When I talked to their representative at the Homeschool Convention they told me it was the same program that they used in their Highland Latin Schools.  I asked what percentage of children come out reading at the end of the program and they told me all of them.  So if your child is developmentally ready to read this is a good fit.  If they are not ready for Kindergarten they have a Junior Kindergarten program that would work well for a year. I ended up using the Jr. Kindergarten program with my daughter this year.  I loved  it and felt like it bridged the gap for her. 

When I heard the writer of the program speak Cheryl Lowe, she was delightful.  She talked about how this is an outline of suggested activities for 5 days per week.   She said as home educators you should feel free to use it how it works best for your family.  They sell all the parts for this program separately as well. They now sell the lessons plans for separate subjects.  That might be helpful for your family.

I think the last thing I LOVE about Memoria is how fabulous they are to work with as a company.  For instance, my lovely lovely children broke our Prima Latina DVD number two.   You know that moment when you are biting your tongue and trying to smile.  Well, I called Memoria to see what I could do, hoping they would let me buy one at a reduced price.  They said no big deal, and for $3 shipping I would be sent a new one.  I was thrilled and so were my children.  They are always gracious and willing to help.


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