Sunday, February 02, 2014


I love using Tangrams for math.  They are seven amazing shapes which come together to form many fun shapes.  
I  did a lesson on the tangram for a math class I just completed.   In the process I found some wonderful resources on using tangrams in math. I thought they might be of interest.

Video Links
This link tells a class story using tangrams
 This has several tangram puzzles to watch and solve It is my favorite. 
Web sites:

A site to solve tangram puzzles.  

Solve tangram puzzles.

Tangram puzzles to solve.

Various shapes to fill.
Tangrams patterns to cut out.  

An entire site devoted to tangram puzzles and using them in the teaching.

Tangram shapes.

Lessons, books, web sites, and shapes. 






TangramChannel said...

Tangrams are famous for the variety of choices they provide. They have been used as a main puzzle in many educational and study books for children as well as for teenagers. provides teachers and pupils with free tangram puzzle activities.

ohiohomeschool said...

Thank you for commenting! I love your site. It is a rich resource.