Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Schedule of a Friend.

At our local home school group I was asked to share my home school schedule.  I was excited to share and hear about how other families in our group schedule their day.  I was particularly intrigued my friend Ellesha's schedule.  Ellesha has two children who are in kindergarten and second grade.  She has developed a schedule for them using two different pocket charts.  She graciously agreed to share them on my blog.
Her son's schedule

Her daughter's schedule.

She moves the order of the cards to best facilitate independence with one child while she works with the other.  She also removes items when they are not scheduled for the day.  She can add in chores, and free time activities depending on the day.

I absolutely loved this!  What a great way to visually train your student to follow a schedule.  I really like it for K-3.

If you are intersted in learning about how others structure their day, here is a link to The Well Trained Mind blog with different examples of families' days.

Happy Scheduling.

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