Monday, August 27, 2012

Artner's Reader's Guide to American History. . a find.

I love to go to thrift stores, church sales, and yard sales.  I was at a boy scout sale and found the book  War Chief of the Seminoles .
I did not have any apps on my very old flip phone to determine if this book was of "value."  I just had a feeling it might be helpful in our history studies.  Plus,  it was only $1.
I got home and showed the book to my husband.  He loves history books and keeps up with the ones we have and would like.  He looked at me with sheer amazement and excitement.  "That's a Landmark book. . let's see if it is in the Artner's History guide. "  Sure enough it was.  It was even an out of print book.  Kind of fun.  The Artner's guide is a great resource for teaching American history for grades 3-8. Many of the titles can be found in the library.  I know we have enjoyed using it with our kids.  It might be helpful for you this year. 


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